From the sands of the Sahara to the shores of the Black Sea and the deep Mediterranean, the music of OMßRA flows through Eastern European, North African, Sephardic, and Hispanic traditions, inviting the listeners to submerge themselves into a unique universe where modes mesh with contemporary harmonies and traditions merge with the modern, giving light to a voyage between Caucasian valleys, multi-colored mosques, and great meadows of Neptune grass.

OMßRA’s compositions embrace Sephardic, Armenian, and Arabic melodies and lyrics with a flamenco flare; interlace Turkish harmonies and Arabic scales with jazz; vibrate with a lush rhythmic fan, where cultural fusion is the cherry on top of delicate original compositions and the meticulous combination of arrangements in the Mediterranean Jazz style.

OMßRA came to be in early 2014, inspired by the connection of musicians from various backgrounds and their curiosity to get to know and disseminate music from different places around the world. By late 2015, it was an instrumental band and after various performances on national stages, added an itinerant vocal part to the roster and launched their first album Posidonian Poetry in 2019.

Currently, the group is setting its sights on international stages and is working on its next project.


Jorge Quesada. Piano & voice.

Since 1996 to present date, Jorge has dedicated his time to the study, development, perform and research of the piano and the human voice as instruments. His learning process has taken him through Classical piano studies , Jazz, Latin Jazz & World Music. As a result, he became a very versatile composer and performer.
He also has developed different percussion studies from the latin sides to the african and east european cultures, envolving as complete musician
He has played in different places around Europe (France – Unesco World Heritage, London – Westminster Abbey, Netherland – Big Rivers Fest, Italy – Fest della Oralitá Popolare… )South America ( different places of Cuba ), Africa ( Merzouga – Fest.Int.des Musiques du Monde) and Russia ( Arkjhangelsk Street Festival ). His current style fuses both traditional and modern disciplines, which he has cleverly made use of over recent years on several live projects
Finally he ´s living in Barcelona and continues developing himself day by day.
As a result of this learning process, Jorge sets forth on OMBRA, his own personal project.


Marina Curbelo Voice & Percusion.

Marina Curbelo is a multilingual and multi-genre vocalist, that studied a bachelor in music at Conservatori del Liceu. During her music studies, she went abroad for an exchange at the Souza Lima Conservatory, a Berklee delegation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has integrated two groups that took her to travel the world, on the one hand the Chikiboom Trio, and on the other, Miramundo, supported by the largest World Music producer in Hungary: Babel. Hand in hand with this production company, she participates in the World MusicWomex congress, performs at festivals throughout Europe and co-organizes a monthly festival at El Tradicionàrius, in Barcelona, called Babel Nights. She currently works on her own compositions and integrates groups like Ombra that are focused on world music.


Andranik Muradyan. Duduk & Clarinet.

Andranik was formed on wind instruments at the Musical School of Erevan (Armenia) where he specialized as a duduk and clarinet player.
For more than ten years, he played and toured his own country extensively before moving to Spain where he became a member of ‘Barbod’ and ‘Yacine & The Oriental Groove’. It was with these two formations that Andranik got himself immersed into greek, Armenian, arab and Spanish music whilst touring Spain’s main cities.
He currently resides in Barcelona, where he keeps developing his musical skills and finds himself at home.

Rafael Lagunas. Drums & Percussion.

Born in Barcelona in 1988 and trained in different bands while complementing his training at the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona. At the age of 12, he started private drum lessons with masters from the city of Barcelona with great national and international renown.
Some years later when he returns to music after a little break, he starts at the Professional Conservatory of the Liceo in Barcelona. In the second year of his career, he managed to become the drummer of the Big Band of the conservatory, and in his promotion to third grade he was selected to participate in the CaixaFòrum i Liceu co-production of the show PUM-SUM-KÀ! Performing more than 40 performances throughout the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. In the present and settled in the city of Barcelona, ​​he continues to embark on various projects ranging from teaching to Armenian music.

José Borjas. Double-bass.

He presents himself with a musical education such as Bachelor of Music at the Autonomous University of Honduras (C.A), having received music courses of camera music, jazz ensemble or musical language. He has practiced as a music teacher in various schools between 2000 and 2009. Inside his musical experience, It is worth noting that he has played as a double bass player more than five years in the National Symphony Orchestra of Honduras. He has also traveled through music through cities such as Honduras; Costa Rica; Guatemala; El Salvador (C.A); New York City, North Caroline (U.S.A); Barcelona (Spain), going through styles such as Jazz; Bossa-Nova; Latin-Jazz,
among others, and thus giving rise to the formation of several musical projects with important relevance. He immersed himself in the study of the domain and interpretation of World-Music and the Jazz-Fusion as double bass player with this project, thus enhancing these styles and providing a musical warmth to the sound set.

Albert Pintor. Oud & Baglama.

Since 1997 is playing and improving some great instruments like the indian Sitar or the turkish Oud and Bahlama, having gone through different stages of study in places like Benarés (India) or Turkey with wonderful masters. Besides that, he also plays guitar and is a good composer, having composed for his bands as well as for audiovisuals and documentaries for camps of Intermon Oxfam.
In 2006 Albert begans as a musician and co-funder of Sada Bcn, one of the most prestigious bands of World Music on the Barcelona and Iberian scene, having played at international festivals such as the Festival of Popular Music of Torino, or the International Festival of World Music in Merzouga (Ergg Chiabbi, Sahara, Africa .)
He is also composing for OMBRA.


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